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Greg Halford, MA, LMHC
Child, Adolescent, Adult, & Family Counseling

   Hello,  thanks for visiting my website.  I'm passionate about helping others having spent the past 25
    years working with a diverse mix of children, teens, adults, and families in the greater Pierce County area.   

    My background and experiences in the mental health field have prepared me to help children and adults
    alike with issues ranging from oppositional behavior to severe depression and anxiety. 

       Is your child or teen having any of these difficulties? 

>  Struggling in school?  Have you been told you should to get them "assessed"
>  ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Oppositional-Defiant Disorder, Aspergers, Bipolar Disorder
>  Overwhelmed by all you see on the Internet and the news about what might be causing the problem?   
>  Home feel like a "combat zone" - has yelling and arguing become your family's way of communicating?
>  Does your child or teen frequently complain they don't feel well? Stomachaches, headaches, tired? 
>  Are they missing school, falling behind. Are you worried that they may get "held back" or not graduate? 
>  Has divorce or illness impacted you and your kids?  Concerned how your kids are "really" dealing with it?
      >  Is your teenager using drugs and alcohol? In trouble with the law?  
>  Is your child "really" ADHD?  Did you know that there are "objective" computer-based assessments that
          can increase the accuracy of the diagnosis and track how well treatments are working?  

   Figuring out what is going on emotional and behavioral issues requires a thorough assessment by a healthcare
   professional with experience and who takes the time to really listen. 15 minutes in the doctors office is rarely
   adequate in order to gather all of the essential background and concerns.  Some families have seen multiple
   doctors and therapist and yet things aren't getting better. 

    If any of these problems brought you here, I may be able to help. Halford Counseling is dedicated to helping
    kids and families.  I use traditional counseling techniques (talk therapy, family therapy, parent-education)
    along with innovative technologies and innovations that greatly enhance the therapy process. Many parents
    are concerned about using medication to treat their child.  I offer highly effective research-based interventions
    that provide safe drug-free treatment for anxiety, depression, insomnia, addictions, and stress.

Free 15-minute phone consultation. 

Halford Counseling

Greg Halford, M.A., LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Certificated School Counselor  K-12